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Strange that a Obama-appointed judge would find a state election law that worked great for decades unconstitutional, or say he thought it would be declared as such, just so he could let Conyers back on.

Democrats never met a law they won’t ignore

Democrat Crime Watch: Internet Ground Truth


Democrat Crime Watch: John Conyers

Conyers lacks signatures to make primary ballot

Number two Democrat might be denied a place on the election ballot . . . or not.

The SOS review concluded that at least petition signatures gathered by at least five circulators were invalid because they were either not registered to vote, not registered to vote while the petitions were being circulated or had addresses on the petitions that didn’t match their voter registrations. As a result, the SOS ruled Conyers had only 455 valid signatures, far short of the 1,000 required by state law.

Hmmm. Conyers might have to resort to a dirty trick, or two, to get back on the ballot. You think?

Poll: On Top of the Story at the Mercury Newsless

One has to marvel at the subtle and sophisticated “news judgment” that purportedly takes place over at San Joe’s major metropolitan newspaper.

On one recent news day, the editorial experts at the Murk were presented with a menu of the following weighty news stories, every one clamoring for immortality on the mangled carcasses of innocent deceased trees:

Horse nose strips

Lack of Federal BLM Free Speech Area in San Jose

Veterans Administration “secret lists” scandal

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resignation Over “Incontrovertible” Global Warming Science

Might the Murk’s long suffering readership feel “underserved” by the newspapers judgments?

As a reader of the Mercury News, which of the news stories mentioned do you think the newspaper should have given the most coverage?