Stop the Stupid Disaster Visits!


The President cares about disaster victims!

President Obama Plans Arkansas Visit in Wake of Tornado Devastation

Got the message.

So, can we stop the stupid (and expensive) political theater where the President has to gas up Air Force One and fly off to every hurricane, tornado, strong breeze, and sewer backup so that he can get a photo op and looks worried, concerned, caring, compassionate,¬†strong, resolute, decisive, and — oh, did I say — concerned, caring, and compassionate?

Yes, I know. We are in a kind of political hostage situation, where the Out Party will criticize the In Party, if the Innies look anything less than — did I say — concerned, caring, and compassionate.

But, couldn’t we have a summit conference and a peace treaty, where both sides get together and agree once and for all that a once-a-year “compassion-fest” will suffice for all the travel miles and jet fuel, with the stipulation that the leaders and foot soldiers of each and every faction care fully and compassionately about the helpless innocent victims of each and every act of God or Gaia or craven corporate plutocrat who causes on oil spill or train wreck.

Stop the madness!

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