SCC $950 Million Affordable Housing Bond – MY ballot argument

Measure XX Ballot Argument

Measure XX is simply a property tax increase.

Measure XX is the largest property tax increase since the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978.

Measure XX makes Santa Clara County the owner and landlord of hundreds of millions of dollars of housing units. It allows the county to provide thousands of housing units at below market rents subsidized by taxpayers.

Low Income Residents

The low income residents in the below market units will be economically trapped in their units forever, and unlikely to ever be able move to a market rate unit. A high density housing complex with a concentrated population of low income residents unable to move is a hopeless slum, and that will be the ultimate result of this measure.

This measure should be called “the hopeless slum” initiative.


This measure purports to offer housing assistance for veterans. The needs of veterans should be addressed by the government body who required their service and who they faithfully served, the United States Federal Government. The Veterans Administration MUST be held to account and provide the services that veterans have EARNED.

Mental health services, not mental health warehouses

This measure purports to offer assistance to the “homeless”. The main issue faced by the majority of homeless is mental illness, NOT a lack of housing. Warehousing homeless in “hopeless slums” is not treating them with dignity and offering them the help that they really need. The State of California shirked its responsibility by pushing the “homeless problem” onto local communities and scrimping on health services so it could shift money to special interests.

Measure XX is a scheme by politicians who failed to solve Santa Clara County’s urgent problems. They want tax payers to pay for their failures when they should be REQUIRING the State and Federal governments to solve problems which are THEIR responsibilities with the billions of dollars we already send them.

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