Good Muslims and Bad Muslims

Democrats are doing cartwheels over the HOME RUN speech of Khizr Khan at the DNC.

Muslim Soldier Back Story

The heroic and Muslim Mr. Khan is the father of a heroic and Muslim son, Humayun. who served in the U.S. Army, was killed in Iraq, and was awarded a Bronze Star. In his moment of fame before the DNC, the senior Mr. Khan pulled out a double deck of Democrat victim cards and flung them in Donald Trump’s face, to the celebratory glee of an entire convention hall full of people who hate the military, hate religious zealots, and hate people who subjugate women and throw gays off of tall buildings.

But those of us who know that any information acquired from the rostrum of the Democratic National Convention must be taken with a bit of measured scrutiny.

There are a few questions we might be interested in asking Mr. Khan at his press conference, if he had a press conference. Or, in the absence of a Khan press conference, a press conference for the Democratic Party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, if SHE ever had a press conference.

Questions for Khizr Khan::

  • How did the United States government know that Khizr Khan was a good Muslim and not a bad Muslim when they first admitted him to the United States?
  • Does Khizr advocate the practice of Shariah Law in the United States?
  • When Humayun Khan served with the United States Army in Iraq, did he shoot other Muslims?
  • If so, were the Muslims that Humayan Khan shot in Iraq good Muslims or bad Muslims?
  • What do Muslims think of Muslims shooting other Muslims?
  • Would Khizr Khan agree with Donald Trump that we should know which Muslims are bad Muslims and not admit them to the United States?

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