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Do “moderates” need moderating?

Why would San Jose Inside suppress a VERY MODERATE posting from the VERY MODERATE SJOutsideTheBubble?


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> Report: Santa Clara County Could See More than 2,000 Daily COVID-19 Cases by August

Viruses spread. It’s what viruses do.

Haven’t people figured that out yet?

A virus is just a big chemical molecule that has randomly evolved so that living cells will replicate it.

Copy machines make copies of papers. Living cells make copies of viruses.

Viruses will spread through a population, from human to human, until a certain percent of the population has become immune (The “herd immunity threshold”).

Masks and social distancing ONLY affect whether the virus spreads slower or faster. But eventually, the same percent of the population will become infected and then immune.

Masks and social distancing ONLY increase the economic costs and misery of reaching the “herd immunity

I have heard that public health authorities take a dim view of people questioning their decrees and their “Emergency Orders”. They don’t like the uninformed masses raising questions about the wisdom and efficacy of social distancing or wearing masks.

But is it really subversive to the established order to say that “Masks and social distancing ONLY increase the economic costs and misery” of a virus that is going to spread anyway?

Is San Jose Inside acting as gatekeeper out of solipsistic “social conscience” or are they following the instructions of governmental authorities?


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