About Major General Bernard W. C. Pilkington-Scunthorpe

Wise. Kind. Courageous. Gallant. Resourceful. Fearless.

Committed to saving civilization from barbarians and low information voters.

Among Major General Pilkington-Scunthorpe’s accomplishments:

  • Community organizer
  • Political anthropologist
  • Founder, Pilkington-Scunthorpe Global Initiative
  • Advisor, Pilkington-Scunthorpe Global Agenda Council
  • Distinquished Fellow, The Pilkington-Scunthorpe Institute
  • Member, Pilkington-Scunthorpe Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council
  • Chairman of the Board, Pilkington-Scunthorpe Corporation
  • Recipient of the Pilkington-Scunthorpe Humanitarian Award
  • Chief Philanthropist, The Pilkington-Scunthorpe Foundation
  • Winner of the Pilkington-Scunthorpe Peace Prize
  • Graduate, Donald Trump Institute for Sensitivity Training
  • Honorary Doctor of Letters, Pilkington-Scunthorpe University

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