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Poll: Housing for the Homeless

Spending on homelessness

Taxing for homelessness


Polll: San Jose Mayoral Election Issues

What is the most compelling issue for you in the San Jose mayoral election?


Poll: Nancy Pelosi, Smart or Dumb?

Is Nancy Pelosi so smart that she can pass mammoth legislation like Obamacare without lettng Republicans or the public know what’s in it, or is she so dumb that her arrogance is pissing off voters and making it impossible for Democrats to regain control of Congress?

Poll: San Jose Mayoral Election

Which candidate do you support for San Jose Mayor?

Poll: John Boehner, Smart or Dumb?

Is John Boehner so smart that the ignorant base doesn’t realize that he is crafting a clever trap be beat Democrats in the election, or is he so dumb that he is allowing Democrats convince him to support the Democrat agenda and lose the election?