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Attention ignorant Democrats . . .

I’m sure you don’t know any of this.  After all, you ARE Democrats and only know what the Obama regime and its loyal and cooperative news organs deem that you should know. But here is a run-down of interesting items out there in “reality space” that OTHER people (who are not Democrats) know, and which might help you to understand why they think you’re stupid:

  1. Lois Lerner was found to be in contempt of Congress, and her case was referred to the Justice Department.
  2. Congressman Elijah Cummings was discovered to be colluding with Lois Lerner in a conspiracy to deny tax exempt status to a Tea Party Group and thereby suppress the Republican vote.
  3. IRS employees campaigned for Barack Obama while performing their IRS jobs.
  4. Federal snipers threaten Nevada cattle rancher over “endangered” tortoise.
  5. Barack Obama speaks at conclave for tax cheat and FBI informant Al Sharpton.