Walk Away from the Oligarcy

San Jose City Councilwoman Maya Esparza tells us that democracy is popular:

“I think that it’s pretty clear that people want democracy, especially right now . . . ”

If the “people want democracy”, then people need to wake up and figure out that the California Democratic Party is NOT the way to achieve functioning “democracy”.

The Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the American Independent Party, and the Peace and Freedom Party are all pretty much “traditional political parties” in that they are simply collections of people who share a more or less common philosophy on how a society should be governed.

The California Democratic Party is something VERY different. It is an oligarchy, and pretty much of a hereditary oligarchy at that. The recent leaders of the California government share a lot of genetic material: Pat Brown, Jerry Brown, the Getty Family, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom. They are all related.

People don’t just “support” the California Democratic Party; the party OWNS them, and determines their success or failure as they seek to scale the heights of California politics.

Democratic elected public officials in California DO NOT work for their voters; they work for the Democratic Party oligarchy.

Ironically, diminishing the power of political parties was a key reform that “reform governor” Hiram Johnson was trying to achieve. Somehow, the California Democratic Party escaped containment and was able to roar back to life in its virulent, corrupt glory.

One of the most promising steps that voters could take to restore true “democracy” in California would be to take down the Democratic Party oligarchy. A roadmap on how to achieve that end has been provided by the “WalkAway” movement: just walk away from the Democratic Party.

Specifically, just refuse to vote for any candidate who is a “registered Democrat” or whose political career is founded on pleasing the Sacramento Democratic Party oligarchy.

For Democrats, “walking away” doesn’t mean abandoning traditional democratic values or principles. It is simply a message to elected democratic officials to listen to democratic VOTERS instead of listening to democratic BOSSES.

Johnny Khamis and Dev Devis set the example two years ago when they “walked away” from the Republican Party. Democrat officials and voters can do the same.

“Free at last”. Free from the Sacramento oligarcy.


Partisanship and divergence

Partisanship Has Untethered Americans’ Minds From Objective Reality

Parties (“partisanship”) are only rough approximations for two differing human mindsets about how humans should provide for their basic human needs.

There are “foragers” (hunter/gatherers) and there are “producers” (farmers/herders).

Foragers are mentally and socially primitive.  They are tribal and place all their loyalty and trust in the tribal “shaman”.  The shaman talks to the spirit world and knows the answers to all the important questions.  Tribe members DON’T have to think for themselves, and in fact, thinking for oneself is disloyal to the shaman and subversive.

Producers are mentally advanced and have used their evolved brain capacity to understand the processes of nature and the orderly predictable ways that things can change over time. Producers produced surplus food, learned the logic and advantages of trade over tribal warfare, and developed the capacity to independently think in multiple dimensions to solve complex problems.

Differences between Democrats and Republicans are not based on “partisanship” but result from the evolutionary reality that one group views independent thinking as “anti-tribal” and therefore anti-social, and the other group views it as enabling individual and social prosperity and security.

The problem is not “partisanship”, it’s evolutionary divergence.

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Why is San Jose Inside so touchy about statues?

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Here’s a statue that might be needing a good home soon.

San Jose could put in Plaza de Cesar Chavez next to the Feathered Snake monument:



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Here’s another piece of public art that visitors to San Jose might want to admire.



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Oh, and while visiting San Jose, visitors might want to take in the Columbus statue:


And the Thomas Fallon statue:




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Do “moderates” need moderating?

Why would San Jose Inside suppress a VERY MODERATE posting from the VERY MODERATE SJOutsideTheBubble?


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> Report: Santa Clara County Could See More than 2,000 Daily COVID-19 Cases by August

Viruses spread. It’s what viruses do.

Haven’t people figured that out yet?

A virus is just a big chemical molecule that has randomly evolved so that living cells will replicate it.

Copy machines make copies of papers. Living cells make copies of viruses.

Viruses will spread through a population, from human to human, until a certain percent of the population has become immune (The “herd immunity threshold”).

Masks and social distancing ONLY affect whether the virus spreads slower or faster. But eventually, the same percent of the population will become infected and then immune.

Masks and social distancing ONLY increase the economic costs and misery of reaching the “herd immunity

I have heard that public health authorities take a dim view of people questioning their decrees and their “Emergency Orders”. They don’t like the uninformed masses raising questions about the wisdom and efficacy of social distancing or wearing masks.

But is it really subversive to the established order to say that “Masks and social distancing ONLY increase the economic costs and misery” of a virus that is going to spread anyway?

Is San Jose Inside acting as gatekeeper out of solipsistic “social conscience” or are they following the instructions of governmental authorities?

San Jose Inside leads with its chin

What was Dan Pulcrano thinking?


Two words for Dan Pulcrano:

“Nick Sandman”


“CNN Settles Lawsuit With Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann”

– – – – –


“Case of the Covington kids is a perfect example of media bias”

– – – – – –

“In an ABC7 interview a couple days after the incident, the mother, Mireya Mora, said she believed the assault on her baby boy was racially motivated.”

Based on what?

– – – – – –


“Column: L. Lin Wood, libel attorney for Nicholas Sandmann and Richard Jewell, gives out a warning to the media”

– – – – – –

Dan Pulcrano: meet L. Lin Wood.

Democrat Voters are Dumber

Well, Democrat voters are, at least, younger.

And, if CNN medical guru Sanjay Gupta is to be believed, younger translate to dumber.

Gupta reports — and Wikipedia agrees — that the frontal lobe of the brain (frontal cortex) does not fully mature until around age 25.

And, the frontal lobe is where anticipating the future occurs: things like understanding consequences of actions and reasoning,

From Wikipedia:

“In humans, the largest part of the frontal cortex, i.e. the Prefrontal cortex, is responsible for internal, purposeful mental action, commonly called reasoning or Prefrontal Synthesis.

The function of the PFC involves the ability to project future consequences that result from current actions. PFC functions also include override and suppression of socially unacceptable responses as well as differentiation of tasks.

The PFC also plays an important part in integrating longer non-task based memories stored across the brain. These are often memories associated with emotions derived from input from the brain’s limbic system. The frontal lobe modifies those emotions, generally to fit socially acceptable norms.”

So, if Democrat voters are, on average, younger and have incompletely developed frontal lobes, SCIENCE tells us that they are likely, on average, to be less able to project the future, less able to reason, and less able to fit in socially.

Bottom line:  Democrat voters are dumber.

Not just my opinion.  IT’S SCIENCE!